Physiotherapy is highly effective for treating most cases of back and neck pain.  There are many possible sources of back and neck pain and your physiotherapist will do an extremely thorough assessment to determine the structures involved as well as all contributing factors.   During the treatment of back or neck pain, the spine which includes all of its various components, peripheral end central nervous system, muscular system, ligaments, fascia and many other related structures could be treated as all of these components function together and pain is rarely just originating from a single component.

Physiotherapy treatment for back and neck pain could include spinal mobilisation, manipulation, neurodynamics, massage, electrotherapy, dry needling, rehabilitation, advice on postural correction and lifestyle changes etc.  Once the patient is painfree, the goal is to keep him/her painfree, and with the correct advice regarding ergonomics in the workplace, diet, sport, exercise, etc., that goal can be achieved.